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Indiana Healthcare Services is a growing care agency based in Central Plymouth

Indiana Healthcare Services is a growing care agency based in Central Plymouth. We have been in business since 2017 and operate a 24/7 service with our large team of friendly and experienced carers and nurses, covering unexpected and short notice shifts at care homes around Devon and Cornwall, as well as long-term staffing solutions.

Our app-based booking provides quick and clear info to staff on outstanding shifts available, which enables us to confirm shifts to customers quickly after receiving details. Carers applying for shifts are chosen based on a matrix of factors including:

  • Familiarity to the customer
  • Reliability
  • Suitability
  • Compassion and Professionalism
  • Feedback communicated to us by the care homes from previous shifts worked by the carer via feedback forms and staff profiles we supply before shifts take place

Our staff undergo the most rigorous pre-employment checks, to ensure we give our clients the right staff with the best attitude, qualifications, and training. Building long-term relationships with our clients and staff is important to us and we go to great lengths to ensure our valued clients receive first rate service.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take a client get a response after booking a shift?

Same day and 1 day prior booking calls are responded to promptly, we aim to confirm who will be working with you, or at least provide an update on our progress within 20 minutes.

Bookings for an entire week’s rota of shifts are turned around within 24 hours. We follow up detailing days, times, and full names for each member of staff working in an informative email. Offering familiarity as much as possible, by prioritising staff you have provided good feedback for. We provide profiles and feedback forms before the shift takes place.

We take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, morning and night, to ensure that we can have you covered.

What training do your staff have?

All of our staff have mandatory training completed in the last 12 months, including practical moving and handling, first aid, infection control, safeguarding, COSHH, health and safety, food hygiene, fire safety, complaints handling, conflict resolution, Mental Capacity Act 2005, information governance, and RIDDOR.

Most of our staff have experience working in other care settings. Any that have not worked in a residential or nursing home recently before joining us experience 12 hour day shadow shifts in nursing homes after the initial training is completed.

All nurses have experience with end of life or nursing home work before joining us, and all relevant training is kept in date.

Do you need experience to work in care?

If you pass our interview selection process based on your disposition, evidence of hard work in other professions, and employer references, we can train you to become one of our carers.

After pre-employment checks including the Enhanced DBS being processed, we start with an online training course you can complete in your own time at home.

New carers then undertake practical training for moving and handling, as well as many shadow shifts as it takes for you and the supervising senior carers to decide you are confident enough to work as a responsible carer. We have paperwork for tracking your progress and development as you build your caring experience and knowledge.

If you complete our training and ultimately work just 3 shifts, we completely reimburse the cost of your training with us. We are in the business of offering fair employment to local hardworking people, and believe in equal opportunities for those with a caring attentiveness from all backgrounds.

What if your staff don't fit in at my care home?

Before any shift takes place we provide profiles to our customers so that they have evidence of our staff compliance.

With these profiles we provide feedback forms so that they can give us their opinion of our staff, as well as contribute to professional development. We track all good feedback and make sure we can provide carers our customers have liked in the past as much as possible.

Of course it’s possible that you might not like one of our staff members. If this is the case you can we encourage you to provide detailed feedback on the shift via our feedback forms. We will address the situation appropriately based on the feedback provided, and review the shift by discussing with our staff member.

We will contact you with our analysis of the shift, where you may or may not decide to give this member of staff a second chance to work with you. Disputes and misunderstandings can occur on first impressions in busy workplaces, and it is our duty to our staff and customers to resolve these matters maturely and responsibly.

Do you supply Nurses?

We have experienced and qualified nurses available for one-off assignments, extended assignment contracts, and sometimes short-notice shifts as well. All of our nurses are experienced with end of life and dementia-focused nursing homes.

Our nurses are core members of our working family at Indiana Healthcare Services, they love working with us and our clients. We appreciate their hard work and commitment enormously, and we are sure you will too, otherwise they would not be working for us. The standards of training and experience we expect of any new nurse joining are very high.

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If you require services on a public holiday, overnight services or live-in services, please call 017520418014 so we can discuss prices with you.